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MyWoodEnergy Delivers Quality Firewood Fast

Need a fast, reliable, affordable firewood delivery service? Look no further than MyWoodEnergy. We offer simple, quick ordering by phone and delivery services usually either the day of or the following day, depending on the time of day we receive your order. We deliver throughout metro Boston.  

Ordering is easy:

  • Select pre-stacked or loose wood
  • Choose the quantity
  • Add delivery charge, if applicable
  • Call us to submit payment and choose your delivery time

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Do you live in metro Boston? If so, we likely deliver to your town. See how much we charge for delivery services to your town/city.

We also sell our firewood wholesale. Find out which palletized quantity of kiln-dried, mixed, split hardwood meets your needs.

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Our firewood, which comes from NEMLC loggers and is dried in USDA-certified kiln processors, is the ultimate — affordable — eco-friendly, renewable energy source.