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Stacked Firewood

Our pre-stacked pallets save you time and energy from having to carry and then stack loose wood.

We deliver pre-stacked pallets with 1/3 cord - 43 cubic feet of kiln-dried firewood.  Kiln-Dried Firewood is uniformly cut & split, 16” long.  Moisture content may range from between 0% to 12%.  Pallet dimensions are approximately 42"x48"x48".  Pallets may only be delivered to pavement or concrete because of the weight.  A photo of a pallet and forklift is shown above.

Kiln-Dried Palletized Stacked & Wrapped Firewood:

  • 1/3 cd: Kiln Dried $379 
  • Take 2 @ $729

* See Delivery Areas & Charges to price in the cost of delivery to your town.  
* Must have a paved or concrete surface for us to roll the very heavy pallet.
* Kiln-dried firewood is best stored inside to prevent exposure to moisture from the elements.
* Prices effective 2019-2020 season and subject to change at any time.

We guarantee the quantity and cleanliness of the wood we deliver. Our wood will burn thoroughly and cleanly, like firewood’s meant to burn — to heat your home, to make a bonfire while entertaining friends and family, or just to stay warm as you curl up with a book on a winter night.

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