Loose Firewood

We deliver quality northern hardwoods that are uniformly cut and split to about 16" in length.  We deliver your loose wood in a dump-bodied truck. We can drop the loose wood into a pile on your driveway (leave a marker where you want us to unload it if you’re not home), yard, or any other location safely accessible to our truck — must be free of overhead wires and tree limbs. Delivery is limited to 2 cords per vehicle.

You can choose between green, semi-seasoned, seasoned, and kiln-dried Maine-Vermont loose firewood.

Moisture content will vary in damp weather.
We give 185-190 cubic ft. loose per cd.

Buy Green, Save Green - N/A

Semi-Seasoned Firewood       

  • 1/2 cd: N/A
  • 1 cd: N/A

Moisture content 20-30%                       

Seasoned Firewood 

Moisture content 10-25% (Moisture content may vary due to rain and snow)

  • 1/3 cd: $219
  • 1/2 cd: $299
  • 1 cd: $449

Kiln-Dried Firewood

*we continue to stock kiln-dried firewood year-round

*Moisture content 0-15%. Our kiln-dried firewood is stored inside.

  • 1/3 cd: $289
  • 1/2 cd: $399
  • 1 cd: $649


*See Delivery Areas & Charges to price in the cost of delivery to your town.  
*Kiln-dried firewood is best stored inside to prevent exposure to moisture from the elements.
*Prices effective 2019 season and subject to change at any time.

We guarantee the quantity and cleanliness of the wood we deliver. Our wood will burn thoroughly and cleanly, like firewood’s meant to burn — to heat your home, to make a bonfire while entertaining friends and family, or just to stay warm as you curl up with a book on a winter night.