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Loose Firewood - naturally seasoned (dry)

Our wood is very clean and the quantity is quaranteed. Loose wood arrives by delivery truck with a dump body and can be dropped into a pile onto your driveway, yard or any other safe location accessible to our truck--must be free of overhead wires and tree limbs. Delivery is limited to 2 cords per vehicle. Please select your quantity from below and then proceed to our Delivery Area page for the applicable delivery charges.

Vermont De-Barked Loose Firewood:

1/4 cord (32 cubic feet).....$199.00
1/2 cord (64 cubic feet).....$269.00 SPECIAL 255.55 *
1 cord (128 cubic feet)..... $409.00 SPECIAL 388.55 *
2 cord (256 cubic feet)......$818.00 SPECIAL 777.10 *

* Sale through August 31, 2013








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